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Team Member | Getting Started with Rewatch
Team Member | Getting Started with Rewatch

A quick guide for users that highlights key features and functionality to get started.

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Did you just sign up for Rewatch with your team? Here's a go-to list of features you'll want to check out so you can optimize your experience with us!

Upload Videos

Rewatch doesn't only allow you to upload meetings you've recorded with your Assistant. You can upload videos straight from your device as well!

All videos will be automatically transcribed and will make them searchable to members within their corresponding collections.

Sync a Recurring Meeting

By syncing a recurring meeting, the video will automatically be recorded and uploaded into a collection(s) of your choice each time the meeting occurs.

Now with Rewatch Automations, just set it and forget it.

Activate Screen Recorder on your Computer

Easily record quick videos to share with your team and/or your peers.

Download our Mobile App

With the Rewatch mobile app, you can stay connected with your team on the go. You can easily record, watch, and collaborate on videos from your phone or tablet.

Save a Video to your Queue

Queueing videos is a great way to easily queue videos of interest to watch at a later date.

Easily Search for Videos by Keyword or Topic

Our keyword search allows team members to work asynchronously and expand their knowledge.

Create Highlights within a Video

Highlights help identify the most important sections of videos so team members can timestamp important moments instead of watching the full video.

Continue the Conversation with Comments, Tags, and Reactions

By highlighting a section of text, you can easily add a comment whether that is feedback to the meeting owners or tagging another person into the conversation. This allows your team to continue the conversation post meeting.

You can also add reactions to highlight moments that stood out to you the most!

Adjust your Notification Settings

This is a great way to ensure you are receiving information as it may fit your needs.

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