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Managing share permissions + overview

How to share your video and manage permissions

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Sharing videos with your team lets you keep the conversation going and move work forward.

By default, when you add a video to Rewatch, your video will be viewable by any members of your channel who have the link. This lets you quickly send the video to people on your team and get them up to speed. Learn more about managing who can see your videos below.

Manage who can see your videos 🎥

Once you’ve added a video to Rewatch, you can choose from the following options:

Publish videos to your channel

  • Toggle on will make your video listed and searchable to the entire channel.

  • Toggle off will make your video unlisted or unsearchable. Please note admins can still view all videos.

Add videos to collections

Share to public collections within your channel or if you are not publishing to your channel you can share to secret collections that are only viewable by the members of that specific collection.

Share with specific people

You can also add certain members or groups from your channel or add emails for anyone outside your channel to view your video. You can find more information on sharing externally here.

Manage link access

Select permissions for your shareable link below:

  • Members of the channel with the link (default)

  • Anyone on the web with link (more information on sharing to web)

  • Restricted to only invited people (If not publishing to your channel)

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