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Connect your Calendar to Rewatch
Connect your Calendar to Rewatch
Connecting your calendar lets you automatically record your meetings
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Connecting your calendar to Rewatch lets you automatically record your meetings with Rewatch Assistant. You’ll be able to sync your upcoming meetings, set your recording preferences, and record live meetings by inviting the bot on demand.

  1. Navigate to your Rewatch homepage

  2. Select the new ‘Meetings’ tab

  3. Choose which calendar you’d like to connect

Here’s how to sync an upcoming meeting:

  1. Navigate to the Meetings tab in the lefthand menu.

  2. Find the meeting that you’d like to record.

  3. Toggle the switch to the left of the meeting’s name.

  4. Rewatch Assistant will now automatically join your meeting when it starts. 🎉

Optionally, you can edit the meeting’s settings and change how the video will appear in your channel once the recording is processed. You can change the video's title, description, and visibility.

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