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Record your meetings with Rewatch's AI Assistant
Record your meetings with Rewatch's AI Assistant

Automate which meetings are auto-recorded and how they're shared, plus record ad-hoc meetings on-demand

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Rewatch can record meetings held on Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Webex. To automate recording and sharing you'll need to start by connecting your calendar to Rewatch.

Once your calendar is connected, Rewatch Assistant makes it easy to record your meetings so everyone can benefit from the content. There are a few ways you can record meetings:

  1. Create automations so meetings are automatically recorded based on your rules

  2. Individually toggle meetings to be recorded on a one-off basis

  3. Send an assistant to record your meeting on-demand while it's happening

We'll dive into each method below.

Creating automations to automatically record based on your rules

First, go to the Meetings tab from the lefthand navigation. If you've connected your calendar, you'll see a sidebar on the right, where all your automations will be listed:

Every account comes pre-populated with automations for recording internal and external meetings. You can always toggle these automations on/off, edit them, or create new automations too. When an automation is enabled, it'll apply across all your meetings that match the rules of the automation. You can always override individual meetings though, by clicking the toggle for that meeting. Learn more about meeting automations.

Individually toggling meetings to be recorded

When your meetings don't follow patterns, or only need to be recorded in a more ad-hoc manner, you can go to the Meetings tab, and individually toggle each meeting's recording setting to on/off. If you want to define how a meeting should be shared after recording, you can click Publish settings for the meeting. Once toggled, a recurring meeting will be recorded and follow the same publish settings for all future instances.

Sending an assistant to record on-demand

If you forgot didn't previously select a meeting to be recorded, or are joining last-minute, you can invite your Rewatch Assistant to join at any point. Here's how:

  1. Navigate the Meetings tab in the lefthand navigation

  2. Click the Record now button in the top right

  3. Paste the link for the meeting you want to record, and an assistant will join shortly

Customize your Rewatch Assistant's name

By default, when your Rewatch Assistant joins a meeting to record, it'll be named "{{first_name}}'s recorder by Rewatch". Here's how to customize your assistant's name:

  1. Navigate the Meetings tab in the lefthand navigation

  2. Click the Settings button in the top right

  3. Rename your recorder and save

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