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Organize related videos and topics with tags
Organize related videos and topics with tags

Use tags to organize videos around topics and make them easier to find.

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Tags are a lightweight, flexible way to organize your videos around topics. Using tags helps your team quickly discover and engage with the topics that matter to them.

Tags are best used alongside collections. You can think of collections like folders, which are most effective when organized by team, project, or meeting, and think of tags like labels, which can be used to group videos by the topics being covered.

Create a new tag or add an existing tag

Tags can be a single keyword like #goal or a short phrase like #newhire. You can tag just the relevant sentence or paragraph in a video, or you can tag the entire video.

When you start to enter a tag (#), Rewatch will automatically suggest tags that have already been created. If you want to add a new tag, simply keep typing, and you'll be prompted to create a new tag. All tags are visible to everyone in your channel.

Tag a section of a video

Here's how to create or add a tag to a section of a video:

  1. Highlight the word, sentence, or paragraph you want to tag.

  2. Click the Comment or Highlight button.

  3. Click the # button or start typing # in a comment.

  4. Complete the tag with the keyword or phrase you want to use.

  5. Hit the Post comment button to finish adding your tag.

Tag the entire video

Here's how to create or add a tag to the entire video:

  1. Click the ••• button at the top or right of the video.

  2. Select Edit details.

  3. Click the # button or start typing # in the video description.

  4. Complete the tag with the keyword or phrase you want to use.

  5. Hit the Save button to finish adding your tag.

Note: You can only tag an entire video if you uploaded the video or are an admin.

Guidelines for creating tags

  • Tags must be a minimum of one character and no longer than 60 characters.

  • Tags cannot contain any spaces, e.g. "#company goals."

  • Tags will be created in all lowercase even if they are typed with capital letters.

See all videos with a particular tag

When you click on a tag, you'll see all the comments and videos with that particular tag. Entire videos that have been tagged will be indicated with a purple icon and sections of videos will be indicated by a blue icon along with the exact timestamps.

You'll also be able to see who tagged the comment or video, when the tag was added, and whether the comments and videos are shared with your entire channel or private to you and specific collections or members.

Explore or search for tags

You can see the top, or most frequently used, tags at the top of your channel's homepage. From there, you can view all tags. Tags will also appear in search results.

Subscribe to a tag

Subscribing to tags is a great way to stay up-to-date on topics that matter to you. When you subscribe to a tag, you will receive notifications in the app and, optionally, by email or mobile push about new videos and comments that get tagged.

Here are two options for subscribing to a tag:

  1. Navigate to All tags from your channel's homepage and select the tags you want to receive notifications for by clicking the Subscribe button next to the tag.

  2. Click on a tag and click the Subscribe button in the top right-hand corner.

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