Sometimes, you need to collaborate privately rather than with your entire team. You might be following up on a small team discussion or sharing an update on a confidential project.

In those instances, you can share your videos privately with specific members or groups in your channel. Here’s how it works:

  1. Click Edit video details for the video you’d like to share.

  2. Select the option for Only some people under “Who should be able to see this?”.

  3. Add any members and/or groups whom you want to have access to the video.

If you have a series of videos you want to share with the same members or groups, we recommend creating and adding your videos to a secret collection.

How to select which specific members and groups you want to share your videos with

How to find videos shared with you

If a team member shares a video with you, you can find and access the video in your Shared with me collection. This collection is only visible to you and contains all the videos that have been shared privately with you.

Any videos you share privately with other members or groups will appear in your personal Video library and in their Shared with me collections.

How to access videos in your "Shared with me" collection

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