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Change who can view AI-generated content
Change who can view AI-generated content

Control who can see what AI-generated content by adjusting the content visibility.

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By default, each section of a video's AI-generated content is visible to anybody who has access to the video, including external viewers. Video editors and channel admins can change the visibility of a section to one of three options:

  1. Visible to all: Anybody with access to the video can view

  2. Channel only: Only channel members (including guests) can view

  3. Hide section: Not visible to anybody

Note that the default visibility of a section may have been set in the AI notes template that the video is using. Changing the visibility of a section on a video will not affect the default setting for the template.

Here's how to change the visibility of the AI-generated content:

  1. From the video page, navigate to the section of AI content you want to adjust the visibility of

  2. Hover over the section header to reveal the section options, and click the Visibility option

  3. Open the menu and select the desired visibility setting

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