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How to create a video series

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Creating a Series is a great way to offer a collaborative space where team members can record their own videos to contribute to a topic. The Series can also be set up to automatically send periodic reminders.

Series can be about anything you want, but here are just a few suggestions:

  • 📅 Project updates & walkthroughs – Send recurring reminders to add an update, and let the team catch up on their own time.

  • 📣 Leadership updates – Create a personal space for leadership to communicate informally with the team.

  • 👋 Welcome wagons – Say hello to a new teammate with a series of personalized video greetings.

  • 🎉 Social threads – Bring the team together, even when apart, by sharing book recommendations, weekend plans, and more.

How to create a new Series

  1. Click on the Series link on the navigation bar at the top of your channel’s home below, just below the channel name.

  2. Click on the New Series button on the right side of the page

  3. Enter your new series’s name and an optional description.

  4. Click Save.

Adding reminders

You can turn on reminder notifications that will remind your contributors to add a video to the series. Reminders are turned off by default, but can be set to be sent at various intervals. Note that all reminders are sent at the local time of the contributor.

  • Daily: Reminders will be sent each day that you have selected

  • Weekly: Reminders are sent each week on the day selected

  • Monthly: Reminders are sent on the first selected day of each month

Selecting Contributors

By default, everybody on a channel is able to add a video to a series. You have two additional ways to customize contributions:

  • Add individuals or groups to the list. If reminders are turned on, they will automatically receive them.

  • Close the series to everybody on a channel. This will limit who can contribute to the series to the people you have added to the list.

Currently, all series are open to be viewed by everybody on the channel, so even if you limit who can contribute, all others will still be able to subscribe to the series and view all videos.

Sending series notifications to Slack

You can send notifications to your team when new videos are added to your series. Learn more about connecting Rewatch to Slack.

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