Add Chapters to your Videos

Insert chapter markers to help viewers quickly find relevant content in your videos.

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Adding chapter markers helps viewers easily navigate your videos and quickly find the information they need. Chapters are perfect for segmenting long videos and meeting recordings, such as company all-hands, training sessions, and more.

How to Add Chapters

Members can add chapters to any videos they've uploaded. To add a new chapter:

  1. Navigate to the section of the transcript where you want to add a chapter marker. Note: The chapter marker will be inserted above the selected paragraph(s).

  2. Hover over the section of the transcript that you’d like to add a chapter for and select the Add Chapter button.

  3. Add a descriptive title for your chapter marker.

  4. Click Save.

Note: Trimming your video will remove any chapter markers you've previously added.

Edit or remove chapters in your video

To edit an existing chapter, simply hover above the chapter marker that you want to change, and you will see options to Rename and Remove the chapter.

View and link to chapters in a video

Anyone with permissions to view your video can see the chapters you've added. This includes admins, other members, and any external viewers that have access.

From the video player

You can view and jump to different chapters by clicking the chapter menu in the top right corner of the video player. Clicking on a chapter title will play the video.

You can link other viewers directly to a specific chapter by clicking the Copy link icon next to the chapter title and sharing the updated link in your browser.

From the transcript

You can also link viewers to specific chapters from the transcript. Simply hover above the chapter marker, click Copy link, and share the updated link in your browser.

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