The Rewatch screen recorder allows you to quickly and easily record videos for your team. You can capture your screen, camera, and microphone, and then instantly upload the recordings to your channel in Rewatch.

Once uploaded to Rewatch, you can organize your video messages into collections, leave comments to keep work moving, and let your team search for the information they need.

Our screen recorder is available for both Mac and Windows.

Download the screen recorder for Mac

  • Go to, and click “Download for Mac.”

  • Open your Finder and go to your Downloads folder.

  • Open the Zip file and drag Rewatch to your Application folder.

  • Launch Rewatch and complete the setup instructions.

Not sure which version to download for Mac? Click the Apple icon in the top bar, select "About This Mac," and check which processor type your device has (Intel or M1).

Download the screen recorder for Windows

  • Go to, and click “Download for Windows.”

  • Open the .exe file and follow the installer instructions.

  • Launch Rewatch and start recording.

Create a new screen recording

To start recording, click the Rewatch icon in your menu bar and select Record Screen.

How to start a new screen recording with the Rewatch desktop app

You will be presented with several options to choose from:

  • Record your entire screen or just a region of your screen.

  • Select your camera (external or computer default), or turn video off.

  • Select your microphone (external or computer default), or turn audio off.

When you’re ready to record, click the Record button and your video will automatically start recording. Any time during the recording, you can restart, pause, or cancel it. When you’re done recording, click the Finish button.

Upload your recordings to Rewatch

After you’ve finished recording your video, you will be presented with two options. You can:

  • Save your video locally to your computer.

  • Or, upload your video to your channel in Rewatch.

If you upload your video to Rewatch, you’ll find your recording in the drafts section of your video library. From there, you can edit the video details before sharing it.

How to upload your screen recordings to Rewatch

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