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Embedding videos on any website

Video embeds are great for making your video content viewable on your internal websites and tools.

By default, video embeds are disabled on your channel. This allows Admins to have more control over when and where videos are allowed to be embedded.

If you’re an Admin, you can enable embeds on your channel:

  1. Click the Admin link in the application header at the top of the page.
  2. Click on the Embeds link in the lefthand navigation.
  3. Click the checkbox next to “Allow admins to enable embeds for videos on this channel”
  4. Specify which domains are allowed to display you video embed. You can specific mutliple domains by separating them with commas.
  5. Click Save to allow embeds on your channel.

Enabling embeds on your channel

Enabling a specific video’s embed

If you’re an Admin and embeds have been enabled on your channel, you can enable a specific video’s embed and allow other members to grab the embed code snippit:

  1. Navigate to a video.
  2. Click on the Embed link in the righthand sidebar below the video.
  3. In the dialogue that pops up, click the Enable button to enable the embed.

Enable video embed

Getting a video’s embed code snippit

If an Admin has enabled embeds on your channel and they’ve enabled embeds on the specific video you’re looking to embed:

  1. Navigate to the video.
  2. Click on the Embed link in the righthand sidebar below the video.
  3. Copy the code snippit inside the dialogue.
  4. Paste the code snippit in any website’s HTML that’s been approved by a Admin.

Get the code snippit

Lasted edited on May 25th, 2020