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Get started with our mobile app

With the Rewatch mobile app, you can stay connected with your team on the go. You can easily record, watch, and collaborate on videos from your phone or tablet.

Note: Our mobile app is currently in beta and only available for iOS. Android coming soon!

Screenshot showing the homepage, notifications, and video recording in the Rewatch iOS app

Download the iOS app

You can install the beta version of our iOS app through TestFlight, by clicking this invitation link in your device’s browser:

If you haven’t participated in a beta before, you’ll also find detailed instructions for getting started with Apple’s TestFlight app.

Note: You need to be running iOS 15 for Rewatch to work on your mobile device. You can see what version of iOS you’re running by navigating to SettingsGeneralAbout. You can upgrade to iOS 15 by going to Software Update.

Setting up push notifications

Push notifications help you stay on top of what’s happening in your channel.

By enabling push notifications, you’ll automatically get notified whenever you’re tagged or mentioned in a video, when there’s new activity or updates to your videos, and when someone adds a new video in a collection you’ve subscribed to.

Screenshot showing a push notification from Rewatch on an iPhone

You can also customize your notification settings and manage whether you want to receive them via mobile push and/or email. To customize your notification settings, go to Personal settingsNotifications in your mobile or desktop browser.

What’s different on mobile?

What you can do in our mobile app

What else can you do? You can also like videos, save them to your queue, and add highlights or leave comments.

Some actions are only available on web

Our mobile app doesn’t support the following actions. You’ll have to log in on your mobile or desktop browswer.

Lasted edited on October 1, 2021