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Inviting guests for external collaboration

The guest role allows your team to collaborate with people external to your organization, such as clients or contractors. It’s a secure way to open your Rewatch channel to anyone you need to work with.

Guests have limited access to your channel. Unlike regular members, guests only have access to a specific collection and can only view and comment on videos in that collection.

Guests are available on our Business and Enterprise plans and count as billable users.

Inviting a new guest

If you’re an Admin, here’s how you can invite a guest to one of your collections:

  1. Click the Admin console link at the bottom of the lefthand navigation.
  2. Click on the Members link in the lefthand navigation.
  3. Click the Invite member button on the right side of the page.
  4. Enter your guest’s email.
  5. Select the Guest role and choose a collection to give the guest access to.
  6. Click Invite member to send an invitation to their email.

Invite a guest

Understanding guest permissions

Guests can only be granted access to a single collection. Here’s what guests can and can’t do:

Lasted edited on September 1st, 2021