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Getting started

Follow these 5 easy steps to get started using Rewatch with your team.

1. Join a channel.

If you’ve already been invited to a channel, check your work email for the invitation and follow the steps there.

If you’re the first person on your team to join Rewatch, you’ll need to create a channel for your team.

Sign up page

2. Upload your videos.

You can either upload videos from your computer, from your Dropbox, or if you use Zoom, you can sync a Meeting ID so those recording automatically get added to your channel.

Upload videos

If you already have multiple videos you’d like to upload, you can upload them all at once. Just cmd/ctrl + click on the files you’d like to upload and click Choose.

Your computer's file browser

3. Create your first Collection.

In Rewatch, you’ll want to organize your videos into Collections so you team can easily browse you channel. To start, create a Collection.

New Collection

Collections can be anything you want but here are just a few suggestions:

4. Customize your channel.

Now that you’ve uploaded your first set of videos and organized them in the Collections you want, you should start customizing your channel to fit your brand.

Customize your channel

5. Invite your team.

Now the fun really begins. Invite your team to your channel and start using Rewatch to keep your team informed, focused, and aligned.

Invite your team

Lasted edited on April 27th, 2020