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Issue & task management integrations
Issue & task management integrations

Create, link, and sync issues/tasks with Rewatch videos, action items, and comment threads

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When action items come out of a standup, review, or demo video, make sure they're linked to your issue/task management system so they don't fall through the cracks.

Additionally, you can link new or existing issues/tasks directly to comment threads when ideas or problems are discussed in a meeting or recording.

Supported integrations

We currently have support for the following integrations, if you'd like to see an integration with another issue/task management app, please email us.

  • GitHub

  • Linear

  • Asana

Connecting an integration

In order to connect an integration, you'll need to be a Channel Admin. As a channel admin you'll need to:

  1. Open the Admin Console from the sidebar navigation

  2. Click on the Integrations link from the admin console sidebar

  3. Find and click on the integration you'd like to enable — for example GitHub or Linear

  4. Click on the blue Connect button shown, and authenticate with the app you'd like to integrate with Rewatch

Creating or linking an issue/Task

Once the integration is connected, you can click the ••• button on the right side of any action item, comment, or highlight to connect it with an issue/task.

Click the menu item for service you'd like to create or link an issue/task to, then fill out the accompanying form to either create or link your issue/task.

Once linked, Rewatch will always reflect the current status of your connected issue/task. If you complete it in either Rewatch or the integrated app — it'll be synced and updated across both.

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