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Viewing Zoom Chat on Rewatch Recordings
Viewing Zoom Chat on Rewatch Recordings

Get caught up on the Zoom chat messages you might have missed during your meetings!

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Oftentimes, there are key details and ideas shared in Zoom chat during calls that aren't discussed by the speakers. Luckily, Rewatch has the ability to pull those messages as well with the help of your Zoom Cloud Recording settings!

Here is how you can enable sharing Zoom chat messages with Rewatch so they can be added to your channel uploads:

  1. Log in to the web-based version of Zoom on your browser.

  2. Visit the Settings tab on the left-hand navigation, or click this link.

  3. Navigate to the Recording tab below the Search Settings bar.

  4. Under Cloud Recording, make sure the checkbox is enabled for "Save chat messages from the meeting / webinar."

Once you have this setting enabled, you'll be able to see all public Zoom chat messages and message reactions to the right of the video transcript on Rewatch!

PRO TIP: Make sure that your Zoom account has Cloud Recordings enabled instead of only Local Recordings so that your uploads can be processed to Rewatch!

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