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Configure SCIM for your channel with Deel
Configure SCIM for your channel with Deel

Here’s how to configure SCIM on your Rewatch channel.

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Rewatch provides SCIM Provisioning functionality through Deel. This allows IT administrators to better manage team access and keeps information more secure.

We use SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management), a standard that permits Deel to safely pass authorization rule changes to service providers like Rewatch.

Rewatch supports the following SCIM features:

  • Push New Users

    • New users created through Deel will also be created in Rewatch.

  • Push Profile Updates

    • Updates made to the user's profile through Deel will be pushed to Rewatch.

  • Push User Deactivation and Reactivation

    • Deactivating the user in Deel will deactivate the user in Rewatch. Note that deactivating a user means removing access to login to the site, but the user's profile and associated content (comments, uploaded videos) will continue to remain in your Rewatch channel.

The Deel integration with Rewatch is different than some other SCIM integrations:

  • Deel does not support acting as a SAML identity provider. New users will be invited to signup and setup their own credentials for Rewatch.

  • Deel does not support pushing updates to Rewatch automatically, so changes are polled hourly.

Rewatch setup

In Rewatch's admin console, click on the Single sign-on & provisioning link in the sidebar. Then click the Connect Deel button.

You'll be taken to Deel's authorization screen. Click Allow to authorize Rewatch to connect and sync with Deel:

After authorizing, you'll be redirected back to Rewatch and users will start being provisioned based on the information we receive from Deel. Syncing automatically happens hourly, but you can always sync manually as needed.

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