Creating Clips

Create clips to share specific moments of a video with your team.

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Creating a clip

There are two ways to create a clip:

  1. Click the clip button that appears on the video page, just below the video.

    Rewatch clip button

  2. Hover over a section of the transcript and click the trim/scissors icon.

    Rewatch clip transcript button

Note: video owners may disable the ability for others to create clips, and clipping is not permitted on someone else’s private video. These settings can be adjusted in the in the edit video details page.

Finalizing your clip

After clicking the clip button, you’ll be taken to a page where you can give your clip a title, and finalize the start and end times of your clip. Once you have saved your clip, you will not be able to change these start and end times.

Using clips

A great thing about clips is that they are completely independent from the original video. This means that you can take actions on the clip without worrying about affecting the original video. These include:

  • Publishing it to the channel (even if the original video isn’t published)

  • Sharing it directly with your team, or create a public share URL

  • Highlighting and commenting

  • Editing the title, description, and chapters

Note: you cannot share a clip of somebody else’s video in a more public way than the original video. For example, if the original video owner did not publish the video, you will not be able to publish the clip.

Finding clips you’ve made

The clips you create will appear in your library under the “Videos” tab. Clips are indicated by a "clip" badge in the top-left corner of the thumbnail image.

Rewatch video library interface

Example Use Cases

Clips are great for a number of reasons, but here are few examples of how we use them:

Share a moment, and keep everything else private. There are times when a private video includes a moment that would be nice to share with others. Now you can create a clip to share with the team, while still keeping the rest of the video private.

Focus the conversation. For moments that require deeper discussion, using a clip can be an effective way to foster a focused, in-depth conversation. This works great when a team needs to collaborate on a single idea or topic, as well as way of providing targeted feedback on a sales call or customer interview.

Compile a topical video repository. Clips are a great tool for building a curated, topic-based collection of content. Whether it's customer success stories, sales calls strategies, or anything else, clips let you isolate relevant moments to keep your collection focused and easy to navigate.

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