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How to setup an automated workflow with Zapier

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Zapier’s Zaps allow you to trigger actions in other apps when something happens in Rewatch — like when a video is uploaded or a comment is posted. This post will walk you through an example of connecting Rewatch to GitHub.

Create your Zap and connect your apps

First, you’ll need to select and connect Rewatch with another app available via Zapier — like GitHub.

  • Select Rewatch as the trigger app

  • Next, select the app you’d like to connect to for the action

Set up your trigger and action events

Once connected, you can outline the details of triggers and actions so everything is coordinated between the two apps.

  • Choose the event from Rewatch that will trigger your Zap (e.g. Comment Tagged)

  • Next, specify the details of what the action app will do with the information that Rewatch provides through its trigger event

  • You can optionally test your Zap or just skip that step

  • When you’re ready, turn on & publish your zap

Templates for Rewatch

Zapier already has a small library of templates outlining common connections between Rewatch and other apps. These can help you get started faster:

Additional Resource Articles

If you’re looking to integrate with another app or system that’s not on Zapier — or in a way that Zapier doesn’t yet allow — you may want to explore our API & Webhook documentation. The Rewatch API and Webhooks may allow you to build an integration that’s specific to your needs.

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