Prerequisites for importing from GDrive to to Rewatch:

  • You must have access to view and download files in the GDrive drives to be imported from.

  • Optionally, you must have an API token for the Rewatch API if you intend to upload to Rewatch via the API.

Keep in mind that the user performing the import will be tagged on Rewatch as the uploader for all videos being imported.

The simplest option is to import the videos from GDrive via the Rewatch web UI. It's possible to import multiple videos at once from a shared drive. See for more info on importing directly from GDrive.

For a larger number of videos, it may be preferable to download the videos from GDrive to a local computer before uploading them to Rewatch via the web UI or the API.

Options for downloading videos from GDrive:

Once the videos have been downloaded from GDrive, they may be uploaded to Rewatch via the UI or the API.

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