Import videos from Zoom
Once you connect Zoom to your Rewatch Channel, there are several ways to import recordings from your Zoom account.
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Import Videos from the Admin console

Rewatch Admins can import any video on a connected Zoom account via the Admin console. If you’re an Admin, here’s how you can sync a Meeting or Webinar ID:

  1. Click the Admin console link at the bottom of the lefthand navigation.

  2. Click on the Integrations link in the lefthand navigation.

  3. Click the Configure button next to the Zoom integration.

  4. Click the Import Recordings and you’ll see a list of recordings to import, grouped by month.

Import videos from the Upload Video button

If you just want to Import your personal Zoom recordings:

  1. Click the big blue Upload video button in the sidebar.

  2. Click the Zoom icon.

  3. Browse and import your personal Zoom recordings by month.

Automatically Sync Upcoming Meetings

You can automatically import upcoming Zoom meetings from your Rewatch Account before they happen.

  1. Click the Synced Meetings link in the lefthand navigation.

  2. Find an upcoming meeting you want to import and click the Sync button.

  3. Configure the settings for the meeting (e.g., add it to Collection, or change its visibility) and click Save. Note: if the meeting is recurring, it will always get synced into Rewatch.

Import via Email Notification

If you have connected Zoom to your Rewatch account we will send you an email whenever you have recorded a video on Zoom and provide a link to import the video.

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