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Watch this short tour of the tool to get an idea of how to get around!

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Now that your team is using Rewatch to transcribe and organize your videos, this guide will help you find your way around. Watch this short tour of the tool to get an idea of how to get around!

Importing and syncing your meetings

Rewatch makes it easy to import your meeting recordings from Zoom or Google Meets. You can even sync your meetings so that the recordings will be imported automatically.

Managing your video

Rewatch allows you to have complete control over your videos. We know that not every video you add to Rewatch is meant for your entire team so we give you control over how your videos are shared.

All your videos can be found in your Personal library and each video has its visibility settings. Videos can be:

  • Visible to everyone – By default, videos added to Rewatch are visible to everyone who has access to your team’s channel.

  • Private – Videos that are made private are only visible to you and the channel admins. You can share private videos to secret collections if you want to make the video visible to a small group of people.

  • Link only – Videos that are set to link only will be viewable by anyone in your channel the share link. These videos can’t be shared outside your channel, however, because you must be logged into your channel to view it.

Collaborating with your team

Now that you have your videos uploaded to Rewatch, you can collaborate on your video and highlight the most important parts for your team. This allows you to make sure everyone sees the most relevant information right away.

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