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Highlight key moments in your video
Highlight key moments in your video

By adding highlights, your team can jump right to those key moments in both the video player and the transcript

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How to create a new highlight

Here’s how to add a highlight to your video:

  1. Select the part of the transcript that you want to highlight.

  2. Click the highlight option that appears to the right.

Your new highlight will appear in bright green on the transcript and in your video’s progress bar for everyone to see.

Video showing how to add highlights to your video in Rewatch

How to add a title to your highlight

You can also add titles to your highlights. Titles make it easier for your teammates to find and watch the moments that are most relevant to them.

After you’ve created your highlight, here’s how to add a title:

  1. Click the highlight to bring it into focus.

  2. Click Add a title and write a few words about your highlight.

  3. Hit Save your title. You can always rename it later.

How to add a title to your highlight in Rewatch

How to share your highlight

Want to share a specific highlight on a video? Here’s how you can link directly to a highlighted section:

  1. Click the highlight to bring it in to focus.

  2. Click the timestamp on the right side of the highlight.

  3. Copy the link in your browser with the timestamp appended to it.

Now, when you share the link, people with access to the video will see the highlighted moment first and can easily play just the highlight.

How to link to a highlight in Rewatch

How to disable highlights on your video

By default, everyone in your channel can add highlights to your videos. But, sometimes, you might want a little more control over your videos.

Here’s how you can disable highlights on your videos:

  1. Select more for the video you’d like to disable highlights on.

  2. In the drop-down list, click Edit video details.

  3. Expand the Advanced menu option.

  4. Uncheck the box for Viewers may highlight this video.

Note: If you’re a member, you can only disable highlights for the videos that you upload. If you’re an admin, you can disable highlights for any videos in your channel.

How to disable highlights on your videos

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